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Bayelsa NLC Chairman’s Daughter’s Marriage Attracts Dignitaries . Couple charged to exhibit love, tolerance, forgiveness

 By Inegbagha Majesty

The marriage ceremony of Oyinbarakemi (Jessica), daughter of the Bayelsa State Chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Elder (Comrade) John Bipre Ndiomu and Inei Ikete on Sunday in Yenagoa attracted dignitaries from all walks of life. 

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The Groom, Inei Ikete, a son of the Late Zikiye Umgboro Ikete of Igbedi Town in Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area of the state, a professional Sailor, studied Marine Engineering at University of Cebu, Overseas and lives in New York where he works, and sail with international vessels from America, South Africa, all the way to Europe, Asia, China and so many countries in the world.

Also, the Bride, Oyinbarakemi is a Lincoln University graduate in Environmental Science and Biology MAJOR and she work in the United State of America.

Indeed, their marriage was a day of glamour and joy. At Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Kpansia, Yenagoa where they exchange marital vows and at Tamara Hall and Resort, where the reception took place along Otiotio Road, Yenizue-Gene, was filled to capacity with dignitaries, whose power dressing and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) marked them out as the fortunale ones. 

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Performing the Holy Matrimonial Ceremony, the officiating Minister, Pastor (Dr) Bassey E. O. Udoh, President of ENUC, Charged the couple to see themselves as one indivisible entity by exhibiting love, tolerance and forgiveness in all their dealings in order to attain a successful marriage.

Pastor Bassey stated that marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and a woman which came to use from the hand of God, who created male and female in his image, so that they might become one body and might be fertile and multiply.

Highlighting the significance of marriage, he said emphatically that it was designed to reduce man’s loneliness and burden of loads, stressing that the groom must do everything within his reach to make his wife responsible, accountable and live the desired life for the betterment of the family.

“A wife should not be a House wife, but she must be responsible. Marriage is meant to complete you (the man).

 He advised the husband to assist his wife in order to achieve the true doctrine of marriage, adding that he should unfold the means of the survival of the family to his wife to move the family forward. He further admonished the husband not to maltreat his wife, stating that if she offended him he should forgive her.

This, he said is because she is the mother of his children, stressing the need husband and wife should forgive themselves and move the marriage forward.

The Man of God pointed out that the secret of a beautiful woman is maintenance, stressing that there is no woman that is not beautiful if maintenance is sustained, adding that any woman that is bleaching is a woman that did not love herself.

In a chat with Global Overseer during that marriage, the father of the bride, Elder, Comrade Ndiomu expressed joy and thanked all for honouring his family and sharing in his family’s happiness, urging the couple to imbibe forbearance, mutual trust, respect, understanding and the fear of God as the foundation of their marriage.

On his blessings to the couple, Comrade Ndiomu wished them success in all their endeavours as well as prosperity and productivity in all aspects of their lives. He added that he knew they would continue to love themselves because the duo has been friend in the church over the years.

The NLC boss in the state described his daughter, Oyinbarakemi as one of his best intimate friends, lovely, industrious and of implacable character, respectfulness, innovative and of exemplary conduct worthy of emulation.

“My daughter is one that I can say, one of the best friends I have. We are very close. She is lovely. Anyone who comes close to her know that she is lovely. She takes her time to attend to people. She is a girl that wake up in the morning that gather her cloths both senior and junior and wash them all.”

Also, in a press interview with Global Overseer, the Groom Inei Ikete expressed utmost happiness for getting married at this present time.

Expressing his feelings as he got married, he said “I actually feel very happy because I have been waiting for this day for so long. It is like a dream come true to me. I feel, this is one of the best days of my life”.

He described his wife Mrs. Oyinbarakemi Ikete as just everything he need in his life, adding that she is his supporter, his love and the woman he desires.

“I think she is God fearing in that matter. And my wife is everything I need in my life”, he averred.

Inei Ikete, 27, also said that he has put everything in place to ensure a successful marriage for the benefit of himself, his wife and children and thank God Almighty for creating the enabling environment for their wedding ceremony to succeed.

Answering question from Global Overseer also, the representative of the Groom’s late father, who is the Senior Brother to the Groom, and works with the Ministry of Environment, Mr. Diepriye Zikiye Ikete, expresses over joyous that his brother got married to Oyinbarakemi.

 “Everybody knows that Holy Matrimony is a joyous event. It is a day of joy. It is a day of celebration. That is why we are able to witness a day like this, that my Junior Brother, is getting married today. Joy will not cease in their lives”, he stated.

He said his brother Inei Ikete is a very level headed man, humble and a trail-blazer who thrive to achieve, adding that his wife, Oyinbarakemi is a lucky woman to have him as husband.

The event was rounded up with group photographs with the Groom and Bride’s families, and dignitaries that grace the event which include the Chief Whip of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly, other Assembly members, Members of the State Executive Council, Vice Chancellor of Bayelsa Medical University, among other top government functionaries, politicians, different prominent organizations, like NUJ, TUC, Newspaper Publishers and others too numerous to mention. 

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