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38-year-old serial paedophile arrested in Lagos

A 38-year-old Rotimi Abomini, fond of enticing young girls with foodstuffs in order to rape them has been arrested.
The suspect ran out of luck on Saturday after he was caught carrying 11-year-old child, whose name was not disclosed, out the window of his room.
Narrating the incident, the minor told police that Abomini convinced her nobody would know, and revealed that he has been having sex with another 11-year-old girl in the neighbourhood simply called Elizabeth, who is Esther’s friend.
The primary six pupil, disclosed that the suspect used to give her and her friend gifts like N50 sachet custard and milk on many occasions.
“That Monday, Uncle Rotimi called me to come to his room. I wanted to go with my friend Elizabeth but I couldn’t find her so I went alone.
“He gave me custard and milk and told me he wants me to have sex with him. He said that no one would know. He also told me that he has had sex with other little girls before me.

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