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Insecurity and 2019 General Election in Bayelsa

The people of Bayelsa state the core of the Niger Delta region are law-abiding and peace loving.
  The main occupation of the people is fishing and farming and they are hospitably to visitors. Before the creation of Bayelsa State in 1996, the issue of insecurity and criminality are very rare.

   There was nothing like armed robbery, sea piracy, kidnapping and killing of innocent souls. Even when the state was created under the military regime of late General Abacha criminal activities were minimal.
   It is surprising to note that Bayelsa, the most peaceful state in the federation is engulfed with all forms of insecurity, lawlessness, killing of innocent souls, armed robbery, sea piracy and all forms of social ills.
   Lives and properties in the state are insecured. There is palpable and great fear day and night among the people.
   The situation is worse in the riverine areas of the state. Every day and night there were reports of gun men who disguised theirselves in military or police uniforms to perpetrate their atrocities on their fellow men.
   Another major area of concern is the issue of proliferation of firearms in the state. It was gathered that some persons are in possession of illegal firearms for the purpose of using it to cause harm to innocent citizens during and after the general election.
  Investigation also alleged that some politicians have purchase guns and all forms of dangerous weapons, speed boats and vehicles to prosecute their elections.
  Recently, in Ogbia Constituency two in Ogbia local government area of the state, kidnappers and hire killers have taken over the constituency. Law abiding candidates for the forthcoming 2019 general, their supporters and the people were living in fear on the activities of these men of the underworld.
   Considering the aforementioned scenario, it is imperative for security agencies in the country to be alive to their statutory responsibilities. Like in Ogbia Constituency II which comprises 18 villages, the JTF and other security outfits in the state should start now and on the day of the elections patrol on the waterways to curb these criminals who have been causing insecurity of lives and property in the area. These criminals are prepared to unleash their firearms on their political opponents and hijack the INEC voting materials.
  The Acting Inspector General of Police and the Bayelsa State Commissioner of police should please consider Ogbia Constituency II as security disadvantaged by posting armed policemen to patrol from Yenagoa to Emadike the last community in the constituency to enhance free and fair elections and safeguard lives and property in the area without further delay.


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