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Bayelsa Deputy Governor lambasts FG over dwindling excess crude account allocation to Bayelsa

Bayelsa State Deputy Governor on Tuesday lambasts the Federal Government over dwindling Excess Crude Account allocation to the state.

Rear Admiral Gboribiogha  John Jonah (rtd)
    The  Deputy Governor, asserted this   at the monthly transparency briefing in Government House Yenagoa while declaring N1.88bn deficit as balance for April, 2018.
Jonah insisted that the state’s earnings from the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) had suffered a setback in the past four months.
He said that Bayelsa statutory receipts declined steadily from N13bn in February to N11bn in May.
He attributed the dwindling revenue situation to manipulation of the Excess Crude Account by the Federal Government, noting that parameters used in distribution of funds were not in the interest of the Niger Delta states.
He said: “As at the last report, the Excess Crude Account at the national level is almost empty. It’s about N130million from billions of naira we had in that account.
“At the time the Excess Crude Account Loan Facility was discussed at the National Economic Council, our state position was that we didn’t need any loan because excess account was there.
“If you look at the papers, the money distributed this month was more than last month. But we got less.
“When you talk about the factors that they use, the only one that favour us is the 13% derivation.
“But when this government came, they have a way of adjusting a few things. So you always see that once the Excess Crude is manipulated, our allocation comes down automatically.
“We are the most advantaged as far as other variables such as number of local governments, land area, and population are concerned.
“That is why you see our allocation coming down even when the amount being distributed at the centre is increasing.”
Jonah said the Gross inflow from FAAC was N12.7bn compared to the N13.2bn it received in March, 2019, which represented a difference of N549million.
He announced April statutory allocation as N2.4bn, representing a decline of N1.2bn, derivation N7.2bn, Value Added Tax N795.5million and Forex equalization fund N1.6bn, representing a positive difference of N1.7million.
The Deputy Governor said first line FAAC deductions amounted to N1.55bn, including bond of N421m, restructured repayment of previous overpayments to the state N127m, restructured commercial bank loans N741million and Excess Crude Account loan facility of N126million.
He said that the deductions left the state with a Net FAAC inflow of N11bn while total receipts from other sources stood at N1.18bn, comprising a N1bn internally-generated revenue for March this year.
On April outflows, Jonah said government spent N3.2bn on bank loans and contractual guarantee; N3.2bn for civil servants and political appointees’ salaries and N695million as grant to state-owned tertiary institutions.
According to Jonah the state government contribution from IGR to its Education Development Trust Fund, Health Insurance Scheme and Students Loan board gulped N149million.
He noted the state had a negative balance N1.88bn in April after expending a total of N6.57bn for recurrent and capital payments.
He however announced N1.2bn as balance of funds available as a result of the N3.08bn balance brought forward from March.

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Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

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