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Renowned Governorship Aspirant unfolds genuine development blueprint for Bayelsa • Pledges to end insecurity in 6 month

                           By Austin Genesis
A renowned governorship aspirant under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the former Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Chief Ndutimi Alaibe has unfolded genuine development blueprint that would eradicate poverty and mass unemployment in Bayelsa state.
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Speakiing is Chief Ndutimi Alaibe, PDP Governorship Aspirant for November 16 gubernatorial election in Bayelsa state, extreme right is the Director General  for his Campaigns, Mr Prefa kemi while NUJ state Vice Chairman  and Chairman at the left  hand side.
  Chief Alaibe who disclosed this at Ernest Ikoli Press Centre, Yenagoa on Wednesday during stakeholders meeting with journalists and media executives as part of continuation of his consultation processes of his governorship aspiration to govern the state on February 14, 2020, said he would pursue vigorously an aggressive economic growth for the state when elected.
  According to Chief Alaibe, he would implement a sustainable Blue Ocean Economy that would provide social and economic benefits for the present and future generations, restore, protects and maintains the diversity, productivity and resilience of marine ecosystem that would be based on clean technologies, renewable energy and circular material flows.
  The Guber Aspirants noted that different government that have ruled the state have made significant impacts, particularly the current government who has made remarkable impacts in infrastructure.
  Noting that the present administration would expire in February 14, 2020, Chief Alaibe who affirmed his victory at the poll, maintained that he would start from where Governor Dickson’s administration will stop and implement his development plan for the state that would create employment opportunities for our children so that they will not suffer after finishing school including the current unemployed youths in the state.
  He regretted that since the state was created in 1996, the state was yet to access the ocean through road infrastructure noting the availability of natural resources  in Brass and Agge that would have boosted the internal revenue of the state before this time.
“Those in the private sector know that quiet a lot of the things we do comes from the sea as Countries that do have natural resources create their wealth from maritime and seas. And I want to utilize that platform to create jobs for Bayelsans and improve the state economy,” he stated.
  He stated emphatically that he will use his wealth of experiences in the private and the public sector to use investment capital to bring the desired development of infrastructure in a sustainable way.
“I’m interested in the future of Bayelsa state. All the activities of today are to protect and sustain the future for us and our children,” he affirmed.
According to Chief Alaibe, his entry into the governorship race was borne out of his desire to use government platform for economic transformation and prosperity for the overall benefit of the people of the state.
Journalists and Media Executives present.

He reiterated his determination to consolidate on the legacy of Governor Dickson led administration and ensure that the basic development needs of the people such as viable motorable roads, infrastructure in education, health, agriculture and other critical infrastructural projects are provided for the people to make life more meaningful.
  Alaibe further restated that he would use government as a social investment platform in the implementation of social infrastructural projects in security, health, environment, pointing out the problems of coastal erosion among other environmental hazards.
The visionary governorship aspirant averred categorically that when given the mandate his administration will end insecurity in the state within six months through a blueprint to disarm, demobilize, rehabilitate and integrate the restive youths and provide them with skill that would enhance self-reliance.
He noted the various adverse effects that associate with insecurity if meaningful development is to be sustained in the state.
As a government of the people he was aware that security of lives and property must be safeguard to move the state forward and for investors to come into the state to invest.
“We are going to disarm them. We are going to demobilize them. We are going to rehabilitate them and we are going to integrate them to society. We have strategies to deal with it. First six months, if I’m Governor I’m going to resolve that matter” Alaibe said.
In his vote of thanks, Mr Prefa Kemi lauded the journalists in the state and media Executives for the large turnout and extolled the sterling leadership qualities of Chief Ndutimi Alaibe and expressed optimism for his victory at the poll.

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