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Covid-19: Eat well to boost your immune system, Nigerians urged

     The Nutrition Society of Nigeria has said nutrition is key to flattening the curve of the pandemic and has urged Nigerians to do within their power to eat right and give their bodies the chance to fight the coronavirus by boosting their immunity.

      In a statement yesterday signed by the president of the society, Dr. Bartholomew Brai, the society noted that nutrition support is a component of healthcare and should be included in the management of COVID-19 patients with attention on energy, protein and fluid balance maintenance.
    “Nutrition is critical for health and essential in strengthening the immune system, thus eat fresh and varieties of foods like roots/tubers and cereals; legumes; meat, poultry and fish; milk and milk products; fruits and vegetables (about one-third of food plate); nuts and seeds; and hydration is vital, thus intake of about 6-8 cups of water daily is recommended.
    “Futhermore, limit salt and sugar intake, choose healthy snacks over pastries and limit consumption of soft drinks, alcohol and spirits. Though transmission through food is not likely, proper food hygiene should be maintained. Hand-washing should be observed after returning home, and before preparing or eating food. Food items should be washed thoroughly under running water.
    “Presently, there is no evidence on the efficacy of any dietary supplements or herbs in the prevention and management of COVID-19, every case should, therefore, be reported to the State Team for follow up and proper management,” he said.
     The society also stated that there is no evidence of transmission of the coronavirus pandemic through breastfeeding and therefore urged women nursing babies to practice exclusive breastfeeding as the safest and most nutritious meal for infants aged 0-6 months, with continued breastfeeding up to the age of 24 months.

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