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Ahead of Bayelsa Bye-Election: Why Abel Ebifemowei Is Leading By Massive Support

 By Our Correspondent

  As the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is preparing to release a new date to conduct free and fair Senatorial bye-election in Bayelsa state devoid of rigging and corrupt practices, a survey report revealed why the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Chief Abel Ebifemowei is leading by massive support.

Abel Ebifemowei opens Senatorial campaign office * Daily Watch
Chief Abel Ebifemowei, APC Senatorial Candidate

  The huge support according to the report conducted in the areas that formed the senatorial district was not unconnected with his unparalleled past political antecedents and enviable track records.

  According to the report, his massive support was based on his unparalleled generosity, accessibility and the sterling leadership qualities; he had exhibited before this period.

   Checks further revealed that the All Progressives Congress candidate has greater support in the 43 wards that constituted the senatorial district as the people have confidence in him to ensure effective representation when elected.

   Another apparent factor for his massive support as pointed out by political observers and analysts which give him more advantage than his fellow contestants, is his empowerment programmes for the youths of the state without discrimination while serving as Special Adviser on Transport to the late pioneer civilian Governor of Bayelsa state, Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha of blessed memory among other selfless service to humanity.

   Chief Abel Ebifemowei is indeed an embodiment of creativity and selflessness in achieving targeted goals. Thus the people believe that he will do more to empower the people as he did before.

   Undoubtedly, he is a trailblazer, pacesetter and man of genuine qualities with high esteem in the diplomatic circle, the public service and other areas of endeavour owing to his enormous contributions in propagating the advancement of the common good for all.

   Above all, his massive support is predicated on the fact that the seat of Bayelsa Central Senatorial District at the National Assembly is predestined for only God fearing people with impeccable character that shows much public interest above individual gains as demonstrated by the flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Ebifemowei years ago, and he is still doing.

  Noticeably, the office is not meant for inordinate political imposters, the inexperience and the egoism that after occupying the enviable seat will see themselves as demi-gods at the expense of the electorates.

  Chief Ebifemowei unequaled mammoth support, also, is the realization of the fact that days have gone when people use sweet mouths, guns, thugs and assassins among all forms of social ills to hijack the mandate of the people to enrich themselves and their cabal at the detriment of the voters.

  There is palpable fact that those whose entry into politics with the motive borne out of egocentric desire to amass wealth at the disadvantage of the people can never succeed again.

   There is great awareness among the electorates that, now; elective positions of trust are preordained for only those who have enviable track and indelible records, wisdom, vision and the boldness to ensure purposeful representation for the corporate interest of the people.

   As a stalwart of the ruling party at the federal level, there is a strong believes that no doubt Chief Ebifemowei will try his best to draw the attention of the FG to the basic problems facing the area, when elected.

   The investigation further revealed that majority of the electorates from Yenagoa, Southern Ijaw and Kolokuma/Opukuma  local government areas have interest to cast their votes for Chief Abel Ebifemowei who is also known as Osuwo 1 without money, as a reward for his good works, and enviable character.

   The colossal preparedness to vote him to the Red Chamber is the clear fact that in a society where people are engrossed with unquenching appetite for wealth, Chief Abel Ebifemowei is more interested in uplift the socio-economic well being of the people through strict adherence to the moral laws of politics, based on righteousness an and consideration of others in all his dealings.

   In a chat with journalists at Opolo in Yenagoa, Bayelsa Sate capital on Thursday, the All Progressives Congress senatorial standard bearer for Bayelsa Central, Chief Abel Ebifemowei affirmed his victory at the poll.

   According to him it is God that has power and when it is your time nobody will take it from you. He added that this is the people’s time and equally his time, the choice of the people.

   The APC flag bearer stated emphatically without mincing words that he is very confidence to win the Senatorial election in the 43 wards and the three local government areas- Southern Ijaw, Yenagoa and Kolokuma/Opokuma that made up the senatorial District, and its 788 polling units to usher him to the Red Chambers.

   Although, he acknowledged the fact that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is the ruling party in the state, but he pointed out that he had confidence that as Bayelsa East took one of the Senatorial seat in the last year’s election, the same way APC will win the Senatorial election in Bayelsa Central and West during the  election.

   He enjoined the electorates to demonstrate the same spirit of last year’s general election by voting APC’s candidate massively during the forthcoming Senatorial election.

   On his development agenda when elected, Chief Abifemowei noted that the Senate is not an executive arm of the government, and apart from discharging his legislative functions creditably and ensuring effective representation, he would liaise with the APC’s colleagues to boost development programmes for the Youths, women as well as enhancing welfarism for his constituents.

He further stated that he would also embark on human capacity development programmes among other peoples-oriented programmes that would give the electorates sense of belonging.

   On what compels him to join the Senatorial race, Chief Abiefemowei stated that he had worked for many candidates and won the election for them.

   According to him, he joined the race this time around to pave the way for him to continue his selfless service to the people as their servant, as well as salvaging the state and the Niger Delta from the shackle of poverty and underdevelopment, as APC is the ruling party at the national level.

   It would be recalled that Chief Abel Ebifemowei, a cousin to late Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha, before he joined politics several years ago, studied Aviation Electronics, Missiles and Firearm and Explosives at the Russian Military Academy.  He also worked as a specialist on Missiles Assembly at the Ministry of Defence in the Old Soviet Union.

   APC candidate avowed his capability to effectively represent the people at the National Assembly when given the mandate.

    “Look at what is going on, CBN is given loans. And so many good things to improve the living conditions of the people are happening. “If we have a Senator like me, which is vocal, accessible and introvert”; he said.




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