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Group Urges Bayelsans To Support Gov Diri Succeed . Warned Against blackmail, character assassination, politics of bitterness

 By Majesty Inegbagha

A renowned socio-political organization under the aegis of Friends of Senator Douye Diri (FSDD) has appealed to the people of Bayelsa State irrespective of their political leanings and personal gains to create a conducive atmosphere for the state governor, Senator Douye Diri to promote good governance of the state. 

May be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoor
, Governor of bayelsa state and the President,Friends of Senator Douye Diri (FSDD), Prince Bodi-Arerebo. 

They have also been advised to eschew rumour mongering, blackmail, character assassination and other ill-motivated tendencies aimed at distracting the administration genuine intention to transform the state in line with the dreams of its founding fathers.

The President of the body, Prince Bodi-Arerebo who made the appeal on Wednesday in Yenagoa while address newsmen, said all what is needed from the people is to support the administration to succeed and uplift the socio-economic wellbeing of the people.

“There are some certain people condemning this administration. And if you know, right from the creation of Bayelsa state from 1996 to date, we have gotten governors. But I think Senator Douye Diri is leading with exceptional leadership qualities. Therefore, there is need to encourage him. You can see as he is paying civil servants/political appointees and embarking on one project or the other.

Douye Diri is working hard to ensure that everything workout well for every Bayelsans, for every Bayelsans to be happy. And he needs to be encouraged. There is no perfect being.

And I want to tell all those people who are condemning him, all those who are making publications and going up and down blackmailing Douye Diri to stop all what they are doing.

I want all Bayelsans to see Governor Douye Diri as their son, as their brother; as their uncle and as somebody that God has brought in to lead us,” he stated.

Prince Bodi-Arerebo also called on community leaders especially the Community Development Committees (CDCS) of the respective communities in the state to create a peaceful and conductive atmosphere for contractors handling government developmental projects at their domains.

commenting on the dream of the founding fathers of the state, Prince Bodi-Arerebo lamented that the original dream and the master plan that the founding fathers had before now, we derailed, but commended the present administration of Senator Douye Diri for doing its best to ensure the full implementation of the master plan to give Yenagoa a befitting capital status.

He used the forum to also to call on politicians and political parties in the state to shun politics of bitterness in order to promote peace and peaceful co-existence among themselves.

He warned against politics of assassination of fellow human beings for the purpose of occupying political office, pointing out that that is not the culture of the founding fathers of the state and the Ijaw man.

“Politics of bitterness is so bad to that extent. Before now the Ijaw man does not try to kill another Ijaw man. What we are seeing in this modern politics is not what our forefathers gives to us. I remember the assassination of Sunday Frank Oputu, is politically mastermind. There are so many other political killings left and right.

We are brothers. Politics should not tear us apart to the extent of us killing one another. It is very wrong. We are brothers. Politics should not make us, because I am PDP, he is APC, so let see how we are going to finish it up. It is wrong. The owner of life is God Almighty.

So, let us ensure that this bitter politics is not part of us. This is not what we inherited from our great forefathers. It is not part of us. So we should not use that as political culture or tradition. May be other regions do. It is not part of us. “Therefore, I just want to encourage political parties, to stop this bitter politics.

Having said this, I want to encourage all political parties to please give the Governor a chance to offer good governance. I repeat good governance. So, all these blackmailing, all these character assassinations let’s ensure is stopped. Let’s put a stop to it. Let’s work together as brothers, now that God has given us the kind of leader that we want that is God fearing, let’s give him this opportunity to have a second tenure. And I believe that the best is yet to come from Governor DouYe Diri,” he said.

According to him Governor Diri is a Servant leader who is managing the fund of the state judiciously toward addressing the yearnings and the aspirations of the people.

“Governor Diri is a servant leader. Douye Diri is a leader with the fear of God, always smiling with humility. And he told so many of us that if there is anything that will give him joy and happiness is to see Bayelsa in the international context to make sure that this state is developed,” he asserted. 







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