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Barr. Edi Orubo unveils his manifesto to win next year’s general election

By Majesty Inegbagha

A renowned lawyer and the leading candidate contesting for Ogbia Federal Constituency Seat in the House of Representatives under the platform of  the All Progressives Congress (APC), Barr. Edi Orubo has unveiled his manifesto to win the next year’s general election.


Speaking in an exclusive interview with Global Overseer in Yenagoa, Barr. Orubo asserted unequivocally that the Seat of Ogbia Federal Constituency should be rotational among communities in the area, but should not be confine to one community in Oloibiri clan to enhance equitable distribution of wealth and the dividends of democracy.

Unfolding the reasons, he deserves their votes, Barr Orubo said, apart from his incomparable leadership qualities, indelible achievements and enviable track records as well as his rare ability to attract the dividends of democracy to the area when elected, he averred that he is the most qualified candidate in terms of private and public experience among those contesting with him.

“I am the most qualified in terms of private and public experience. And If you want to be sentiment, Kolo Creek has two House of Representatives, Clever Ikisikpo from-Kolo and Fred Obua- Emeyal. In Anyama Clan you have Graham Ipigansi-Okodi and Sodaguo Omoni- Anyama.

Then you come back to Oloibiri Clan we have one tenure, Hon Nadu Karibo who is from Opume where the two candidates who are vying for this position came from Opume.

‘So I just say that for the sake of equity and fairness, if Oloibiri group must produce the House of Representatives Member for Ogbia Federal Constituency, it should go to another place not Opume ,” he declared.

He also stressed that the category of person who is qualified to occupy the office must possess impeccable character with rare experience and sterling track records with commitment and capability to ensure effective representation to boost service delivery devoid of egocentric tendencies, saying that he is  embedded with those good qualities.

The APC standard bearer asked “What positive impacts have they done to the people of Ogbia local government area, particularly the Oloibiri Clan with the positions of trust they have held over the years?

According to him, he has left behind indelible legacies while serving as a member of Ogbia Local Government Caretaker Committee in charge of Agriculture, SSA to the First Minister of Niger Delta Matters, SSA to the Governor and as Honourable Commissioner that Represented Bayelsa State in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Board; and as a practicing Lawyer who was called to the Bar since 1988 till date.

He pointed out that the unparalleled achievements he has recorded with the positions that he had occupied, is an eloquent testimony that when given him the mandate he would ensure effective representation and equitable distribution of the dividends of democracy to the people.

He highlighted some of his achievements to include provision of road network, water projects and other basic infrastructures, internal and oversea scholarships to deserving students, provision of employment to many in the state, particularly Ogbia indigenes and human capacity building among others.

As part of his selfless service to humanity and the love he had for his people, Barr. Orubo added that as a Caretaker Member of Ogbia LG, he took a risk and signed undertaking on public holiday to salvage the Council workers from starvation and went to Pan African Bank in Port Harcourt to bring their three months’ salary to pay them and save them from hunger, a feat he said that many cannot bear.

“So, we contributed in no small way to the progress of the local government. That is why I am seeking for an elective position so that I will do more for the people, “he averred.

When asked what compelled him to join the race, Orubo maintained that he wants to be a Strong Voice of the Ogbia people at the federal level to save the people of the area where crude oil was first discovered in Nigeria since 1956 from the shackle of poverty, deprivation and underdevelopment.

He blamed the perennial underdevelopment and endemic poverty in the area as a result of lack of a strong Ogbia Voice at the federal level.

 What actually compels you to join this race?  " I am thinking that we don't have a strong voice at the federal level. If you look at Ogbia, the first oil well in Nigeria was founded in Ogbia in 1956. And if you look at the people, that Oil field has fed Lagos and Abuja. So, they fed fat. I don't think we are getting good returns for what we have done, contributed to the development of this country. So, I think it is high time we have a strong voice at the federal level. A voice that will be able to attract development; attract benefits to our people. That is my motive," he stated.

On his Manifesto, he said “We are going there to make laws that will affect the development and progress of your people; laws that will help add value to what your people are doing. One thing that I can say is that my project is Ogbia project. The first thing I intend to do, number one is Ogbia. Number two is Ogbia. Number three is Ogbia. That is how we can enhance and develop our people; bring human capacity to our people."

Barr.  Orubo who described himself as a straightforward man and objective in terms of dealing with people, identified lack of road network and erosion control as major problems facing the people.

He bemoans the devastating effects of coastal erosion at Anyama and other communities in the area, believing that by the provision of road network to link communities in Anyama Clan will foster development and make lives meaningful for the people.

According to him when given the mandate, he will make clarion calls to the state and federal governments to look into the basic needs of the people to ameliorate their plights.

On his chances to win the election, he said it is quiet bright pointing out that his consummate leadership qualities and rare experience in the private and public sector which the other candidates don’t have, is an added impetus for his victory.

He used the forum to appeal to the people of Ogbia local government area to unanimously cast their votes for him, the right candidate.

" My advice to the electorates is that they should vote for me the right candidate. They should do the right thing by voting the right candidate. You don't have to vote for the wrong candidate and regret later. Vote for a candidate that you have accord with him. Vote for a candidate that you have right to demand for something because you work for him. I want to have accord with our people, " he affirmed.

Barrister Orubo advised the people of Ogbia Kingdom not to sell their votes for money during the election to mortgage their future, adding that if person come to buy their votes with money they should collect the money and vote him the right candidate because the money belong to all of us.   

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