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Starvation Immense In Bayelsa As Banks shutdown Operations . President Buhari calls for help

 By Our Correspondent

 There is immense starvation going on in Bayelsa state of Nigeria as Commercial Banks shutdown operations in the state.

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President Muhammadu Buhari

Global Overseer Correspondent who visited Banks in Yenagoa on Tuesday, the state capital gathered that the closure of the banks was not unconnected with the inability of the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide Banks in the state with adequate new Naira notes to pay their customers.

According to our Correspondent, most of the banks visited customers were crowded at the premises from morning till evening watching the empty ATMs that are not loaded with any money.

Some staff of the Banks who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity said that there is no money in their banks.

This has resulted to the untold hardship posed to the people as they could not have access to their money to provide their daily needs and addressed health problems.

Many customers who resorted to go to the Point of Sale (POS) to collect their money despite the high charges, even the POS operators in the state lacks money for the online transactions, bank transfers and payments.

One of the customer, name withheld said” I have money in my bank account but I don’t have access to my money. What is this? My children, my wife and myself we don’t have anything to eat in the house,” he cried out.

Our Correspondent reports that the First Bank Yenagoa is one of the worst affected with scarcity of the new Naira notes.

Bayelsa a busy state but our correspondent reported that the state is allegedly silent as the scenario disrupted business activities.

Some customers described the present suffering they are facing as worse than the last year’s flood in the state; as they want to starve to death without any help.

They therefore appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to prevail on the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide money to commercial banks in Bayelsa state to cushion the hardship being experienced by the citizens and remove the growing tension as well as eliminating panic reactions by citizens.




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