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ADC Chieftain Faults Fuel Subsidy Removal Implementation Process . Urges NLC, TUC to take firm measures to address its effect

 By Inegbagha  Majesty

A Chieftain of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) and the 2023 Bayelsa State House of Assembly election standard bearer of the party, for Nembe Constituency Two, Mr Frederick Braid Amiefamonyo has faulted fuel subsidy removal implementation process.

Amiefamonyo made the assertion Friday in a chat with Global Overseer’s editor in Yenagoa.

The ADC Chieftain over-whelmingly support fuel subsidy removal, but, he however regretted federal government failure to put in place alleviation plan that would cushion its effect before executing the policy.

He stated emphatically that Nigerians would have been on the streets to protest against the effects cause by its removal without mitigation plan before even the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) proposed strike, but they jettison it and take their destiny into their hands because they are fed up with the way and manner government handles issues without according the welfare of its citizenries a pride of place in its policy formulations and implementations.

He pointed out that the same way the poor benefit the fuel subsidy much more than the rich people is the same way they suffer the effect of subsidy removal than the rich citizens, particularly in the areas of the mode of transportation, movement, goods as well as their cost and standard of living.

He averred that the removal of fuel subsidy affected the people of Bayelsa state more than any other states of the federation because of its overdependence of its consumption from other states.

He expressed displeasure on the current fuel hike in the country which he said the pump price of Petrol supposed to be sold at N100 per liter, as Nigeria being an oil producing country, and considering the availability of resources and raw materials at its disposal.

He noted that the effect of fuel subsidy removal wouldn't have adversely affect the people as currently affected, had it been the federal government commence it removal by July with mitigation plan to cushion its effect; but was wrongly started following Mr President inaugural speech on May 29.

The sage also lamented that even the removal of Gas subsidy the federal government didn't put plan in place to mitigate its effect on Nigerians, stating that over 6 years ago government has not done anything to address its unbearable effect on the people.

He added that even the current fuel situation, the federal government has not yet come up with proper mechanism that would bring down the pumping price of fuel and make it affordable and   meaningful to the life of Nigerians.

 "What guarantee federal government has given its citizens that fuel and gasoline will come down rather than going up," he asked.

He pleaded with the President Tinubu to consider it as a matter of urgent to ensure that all domestic refineries in the country function in full capacity before December this year.

He added that Mr President should please, not play politics in the energy sector if he wants to succeed in controlling inflation.

He emphasized that Mr President should get that political will to ensure that Petroleum economics that is being played, he fixes it squarely both internationally and nationally to balance the nation's economy.

On Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress  proposed demand for wage award and minimum wage increase, Mr Amiefamonyo said it may not have positive impact. Rather, he averred that it will bring negative impact in the sense that the value of money will reduce and inflation will increase and cause more harm than good into the lives of the people.

He insisted that the NLC and TUC should take concrete and firm decision to demand that the FG should make the Port Harcourt and Warri refineries among others to commence full operation before December to sell fuel at low price to mitigate the effect of fuel subsidy removal.

He also used the forum to call on the Bayelsa state government to build modular refineries in the state.

He said that the call has become imperative, stressing that apart from cushioning the effect on fuel subsidy removal it will generate internal revenue for the state.

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