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Democracy Day Celebration described as worst of its kind in Bayelsa

   A cross-section of the residents in Bayelsa state capital have described this year’s May 29 Democracy Day celebrations as worst of its kind in the state since the country’s returned to democratic rule in 1999.
     This year they said unlike previous years past where Bayelsans would be mobilized to gather at Sampson Siasia Sport Complex, Yenagoa to mark the day.                                  
President Muhammadu Buhari
  Speaking to Global Overseer reporters who went round the state capital to assess the level of celebration in the state, residents who spoke on condition of anonymity blames it on economic hardship which is currently ravages several families in the state.  
  According to them they did not have the means to celebrate to commemorate the 19 anniversary celebration of Democracy in Nigeria.
  One of the resident said “Since morning I have been going round from place to place to see how my family can eat today but there is nothing. Can I celebrate Democracy in hunger, misery, squalor and empty pouch? Things are not in order in our state. I’m fed up, “he said.
   According to our reporter there is nothing tangible happening in the state to mark the day, adding to the heavy down pour in the morning hours that over flooded many homes as a result of the poor drainage system in the state capital.
   Another resident added “Look at the state capital Yenagoa, there are no well constructed internal roads with drainages. The few internal roads have no drainages and they are poorly constructed. The moment rain falls all the areas are submerged and houses over flooded because they are not implementing the master plan.
 That is why people built houses haphazardly and unquestionably. Bayelsa state capital if we are not mistaken is merely better than some villages because for 21 years now successive administrations do not bother to build Yenagoa metropolis to bring it close to the status of a state capital. If I’m lying as I’m talking to you go round and see things for yourself. It is individuals that are building and expanding Yenagoa to this present level without following laid down master plan,” he averred.
     According to them the state is even more critically and socially fractured, immobilized and hellish. All the indices of human capital development, such as standard of living, life expectancy, infant mortality among others are all below average.
    The future of the state must be built on merit and industry, not ethnicity and corruption, courage and righteousness instead of cowardice and sycophancy, vision and integrity on the part of public functionaries instead of myopia and self-interest.
    The people of the state should henceforth wake from their socio-economic and political slumber and realize that government is formed and owned by the people. Therefore, they should endeavour to advice against any dictatorship and tyrannical form of administration to pave way for equitable distribution of wealth for the people both at the nooks and crannies of the state to address the yearnings and the aspirations of the people.
   President Muhammadu Buhari should please assist in the development of the state and the human beings in the state to overcome these prevailing challenges.
The political class and our leaders should show good examples for others to emulate. They should unite and work as an inseparable entity to move the state forward irrespective of their political affiliations,” the residents asserted.

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