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2019 Bayelsa State House of Assembly Election: Why Imgbi gets unparalleled massive Support for Silga Constituency 3

                                 My MaGens Inegba

   Mr.Stanley Gbalipre Imgbi is a renowned journalist with unparalleled working experienced in the different field of human endeavours that has occupied various positions of trust and meticulously use for societal development.
   He is a man of humble background with impeccable character who exhibits the fear of God in his dealings.
   Thus, as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) began the sale of intent and nomination forms for various elective positions ahead of the 2019 general election, across section of the patriotic people of Southern Ijaw Constituency 3 unanimously endorse him to contest for the Bayelsa State House of Assembly election under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party.
  His endorsement, unquestionably was not unconnected with the fact that the task of ensuring effective representation at the Bayelsa State House of Assembly is meant for those who acquire exemplary leadership qualities, imaginative acumen, wealth of experience and faultless character with deep understanding of the yearnings and aspirations of the people; with no intent to amass wealth through selfish and greedy tendencies at the expense of the electorates.
Mr.Stanley Gbalipre Imgbi PDP Aspirant, Silga Constituency 3 

  Apparently, the offices of  the Members of the State House of Assembly is not meant for the inexperience, dishonest and greedy persons whose ulterior motives of entering into politics are borne out of egotistic desire to accumulate wealth at the detriment of the people.
   It is a truism that most of our representatives are inactive and could not guarantee effective representation to deliver the dividends of democracy for the people.
  This is because most of them were ingenuousness and  did not know where to begin and where to end, therefore remaining dormant in the  House of Assemblies only waiting to answer the question those who says A yes or Nay.
   Accordingly, as political activities kicks off across the landscape of the nation for election of members of the State House of Assemblies, House of Representatives, the Senate as well as Governors and the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, politicians and the electorates across the nation X-rayed the various aspirants indicating interest to contest for elective positions in the country.
   Checks revealed that a cross section of well meaning politicians and the electorates of Southern Ijaw Constituency 3 wants Mr.Stanley Gbalipre Imgbi to represent them in the Bayelsa State House of Assembly.
  Their adamant stance for his candidature according to Global Overseer investigation was borne out of his enviable track records, socio-political antecedents, his indelible societal achievements, high level of performance and his consummate wealth of experience in all his statutory dealings with humanity; occasion with his accessibility and vibrancy.
   Mr. Imgbi who hails from Peremabiri in Bomo Clan of Southern Ijaw Local Government Area of the state, according to our findings is a man who has shown unparalleled exemplary visionary leadership for the overall interest of the people without sentiments and discriminations.
   According to them as a man embodied with the eight principles of public life, they have confidence that he will ensure rare effective representation in the House if given the mandate.
   The people acknowledge him as an outspoken and vibrant journalist who will make them proud in the house debates, proceedings and the bills which he will initiate to better the lots of the people when passed into law. The people noted that as a pacesetter, he will adhere strictly to the moral laws of Politics which based on honesty, goodness, righteousness and consideration of the interest of others in all dealings.
   They maintained that his massive support was based on his sincerity, boldness, reliability, accessibility, courage and generosity, believing that if given the mandate he will carry all his constituents along as well as ensure effective representation of the people.
   Indeed the people have great confidence in him based on his ability and immaculate disposition. He is a man who hate do or die affair politics. He is an innovator and a straight forward man who attached important to public interest above his personal considerations.
   Certainly, days have gone when people use guns, thugs and all forms of criminal tendencies to hijack the mandate of the people to enrich themselves at the expense of impoverishing the people and under developing them.
  Today, there is great awareness among the people that elective positions are meant for only those who have indelible and enviable track records as well as public interest above their personal gains.
  It was for the aforementioned reasons among others that the people want Mr.Stanley Gbalipre Imgbi to represent them.
  Making his formal declaration to contest the 2019 State House of Assembly election, Mr. Imgbi pledged to render selfless service to the people as well as ensuring purposeful and effective representation that would address the yearnings and aspirations of the people to improve their living conditions.

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