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Southern Ijaw PDP stakeholders, others petition Governor Dickson over deprivation

   Stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the entire people of Olugbo kingdom in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area Constituency 4, in Bayelsa state have petitioned to Governor Henry Seriake Dickson over deprivation of the ward of elective offices and sensible political appointments since the inception of democracy in the country.
   The petition which was contained in communiqué issued in Yenagoa, recently and sent to the Governor through his Special Adviser on Political Matters was signed by the stakeholders of the party and the leadership of Olugbo Kingdom in Yenagoa on behalf of the people of the area.
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   Those who signed the communiqué are Hon Joshua Miciever, Arch. Bishop Jacob Apiri, Apostle Bishop Oweibo, Hon. Sylvester Ikoli .B, Kate Ozugu, remember Damingo and the PDP ward 4 Chairman and Secretary, Chief Ebi Kenbo and Ebifagha Kporoi.
   Others were Retired Colonel R.E Iyekoroghe and Isaac Simon, Chairman and Secretary of Olugbobiri Community in Yenagoa for on behalf of the kingdom.
   The people passionately appeal to the state governor to consider as urgent to salvage the people of the ward from the unabated grievous injustice and the misconception by creating the enabling environment for ward 4 in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area Constituency 4 to produce the member to represent the Constituency in the State House of Assembly in the 2019 general election.
   They lamented that since the inception of democracy from the regime of late Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha to the present Restoration Government under  the visionary and the dynamic leadership of Governor Dickson, Ward 4 in Southern Ijaw Local government Area Constituency 4 have been completely  deprived  of elective offices and key political appointments.
  The people decried the continuous marginalization and deprivation of the ward of elective and reasonable political appointments despite its enormous contributions to the nation’s economy and overwhelming support of the party to attain victory in all elections in the ward.
    They asserted emphatically that it is the turn of ward 4 in Olodiama Clan which comprises Ward 3 and Ward 4 to produce the next Assembly member, pointing out that only ward 3 has represented the constituency for three consecutive tenures.
   Therefore, they reiterated their appeal to the Governor and the party to create the opportunity and the enabling atmosphere for an indigene of Olugbobiri town to be elected to represent Southern Ijaw Constituency 4 in the State House of Assembly to enhance justice, fairplay and equity in the distribution of elective positions and political appointments in the constituency.
  “ It is worthy of note that Ward 4 (Olugbo kingdom) in Apoi/Olodiama block has been the least beneficiary in terms of elective offices and key political appointments, despite our significant contributions in elections and to the national cake as well.’
   Olugbobiri is also a collation centre, but in terms of politics, Olugbobiri has never been fully integrated into the scheme of elective offices and political appointments.
    No doubt, under the Olodiama axis Ward 3 has represented the constituency in the State House of Assembly for three tenures; it should be well clear and understood that Olodiama is made up of two wards (3 and 4) and through this period, Ward 4 has never benefited anything of significance.
   Therefore, in the spirit of fairness, justice and equity, the analysis should be viewed in terms of wards and not blocks, axis or Clans, as in Apoi and Olodiama,”they asserted.
   It would be recalled that Southern Ijaw Constituency 4 consist of six Wards: ward 3, 4, 14, 15, 16, and 17 which was originally classified into two blocks under late Chief Alamieyeseigha’s administration as Bassan/Koloama which is made up of wards 14, 16 and 17 whileApoi/Olodiama block consist of wards 3, 4 and 15 as a result of the creation of development centres.
   They pointed out that out of these wards; Ward 4 is deprived of elective positions of trust and key political appointments as shown below.
   According to them the analysis have shown that under late Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha’s administration ward 14 benefited the position of the State House of Assembly seat for Southern Ijaw Constituency 4 while ward 16 got the office of the Chairman Environmental  Board, Executive Commissioner, Bayelsa Central and a Commissioner in the Local Government Service Commission.
   Also, in the same administration ward 17 got the position of the Executive Commissioner for Works, a Member of the State house of Assembly and a Commissioner in the local Government Service commission but ward 4 got nothing.
   According to them, under Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan‘s administration as Governor of the state the position of the State House of Assembly was occupied by Ward 3 and ward 15 got the Executive Commissioner position of Bayelsa Central; while Ward 17 also occupied the position of the State House of Assembly, pointing out that ward 4 still  got nothing.
    Analyzing further, they said during the administration of Chief Timipre Sylva as Governor the same Ward 3 of Southern Ijaw Constituency 4 occupied the State House of Assembly seat and Ward 15 the Executive Commissioner position of Bayelsa Central while ward 16 took the position of the Secretary to the State Government and ward 17 the office of the elected Executive Chairman of Southern Ijaw Local Government Council as well as Executive Commissioner for Works.
     Lamenting that under Chief Sylva’s administration  also ward 4 still have nothing, addind that in Hon Henry Seriake Dickson’s Restoration Government administration ward 4 still occupy no sensible position to address the yearnings and the aspirations of the people while ward 3 still occupied the position of the State House of Assembly for  three tenures.
    According to them ward 14 under the present administration occupied the positions of the Executive Commissioner Bayelsa Central, Commissioner for Lands, Commissioner for Environment and Commissioner for Women Affairs.
    Also, ward 15 got the positions of a Commissioner in the Assembly Service Commission and the Chairman Local Government Service commission.
   In the same administration, ward 16 in the same constituency 4 got the position of Bayelsa State Independent Electoral Commission regretting that the ward 4 have been denied of elective and sensible offices.
   They therefore heartily and sincerely implore the Restoration Government and the Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state, Hon Henry Seriake Dickson to consider an Olugbobiri community to produce the member of the State House of Assembly for Southern Ijaw Constituency 4.

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