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Ambassador Chinedu Arthur- Ugwa receives meritorious award • Urges multinational oil companies to relocate headquarters to Bayelsa • Wants BYSG to patronise indigenous journalists

By Inegbagha Majesty

    The Director General of the Unified Non-Indigenes Association of Bayelsa State/Coordinator, Ohanaeze Youth Wing South South Zone of Nigeria, Hon (Chief) Ambassador Chinedu Arthur -Ugwa has been conferred with a meritorious award as an Ambassador of Peace and Empowerment by the Bayelsa Media Network in recognition of his various accomplishment and selfless service to humanity, especially his empowerment programmes and peace initiative for better society.

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Hon (Chief) Ambassador Chinedu Arthur -Ugwa

      Presenting the award in the midst of mammoth crowd of dignitaries from different walks of life, at NUJ press centre, in Yenagoa, the Chairman of the Award Committee, Mr Victor Christopher had said that the Award was not for money but to spur Hon (Chief) Ambassador Chinedu Arthur- Ugwa to greater height and continue his Divine selfless service to humanity.

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Hon (Chief) Ambassador Chinedu Arthur -Ugwa receiving the Award at NUJ Press Centre Yenagoa.


    In an interview with Global Overseer Editor shortly after his conferment, Ambassador Arthur -Ugwa who is also a member, Igwe in Council, Bayelsa State and the founder of Enugu Development Union in the state, called on the multinational oil companies operating in Nigeria to consider as a matter of urgent to relocate their Headquarters to Bayelsa State.

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President Buhari

     This, he said is very imperative as it would enhance justice and fairness, as well as uplifting the socio-economic well being of the people and the internal revenue of the state government which was deprive her right to receive tax from oil companies operating in the state..

   Ambassador Arthur-Ugwa who described Bayelsa as the most peaceful state in Nigeria, warned the multinational oil companies not to pay revenue meant for oil producing states to states that are not producing any oil in Nigeria to deprive Bayelsa state its revenue.

   He noted that Bayelsa state since the discovery of crude oil at Oloibiri in Ogbia Local Government area in commercial quantities in the whole of West Africa in 1956, has been the economic main stay of the nation, saying that it deserves multinational oil companies to establish their corporate headquarters in the state to uplift the needed internal revenue to provide the basic infrastructural desires of the people.

    Ambassador Arthur -Ugwa also appeal to the Federal Government led by president Muhammadu Buhari to prevail on the Multinational Oil Companies to move their headquarters to Bayelsa state, as well as providing basic infrastructures that would attract investors into the state.

    He condemned the scenario where the federal government use the revenue derived from the oil rich state Bayelsa to developing Lagos, Abuja and other areas and neglect the state in its genuine developmental programmes.

  “Federal Government should promote peace, justice and fairness by prevailing the multinational oil companies to pay tax to the states that are producing crude oil.

   He averred that Zamfara state in Nigeria is producing Gold and paying revenue to its state; pointing out that the Central Bank of Nigeria spent a lot of money to Zamfara state.

   Ambassador Arthur-Ugwa therefore asked “Is Zamfara state not part of this country? Why are   they not paying tax to the Federal Government like the oil producing states?  But they are enjoying what they are producing and not paying tax or revenue to the Federal Government while the Niger Deltans are now suffering from what they are producing.”

    He stressed the need for federal government to be fair in all its dealings to promote justice and fairness to bring about peace and stability of the nation.

The sage noted with regret the various agitations going on in the country, stating emphatically that the Igbos and the Niger Deltans are agitating for those that are marginalizing them.

  He called on the federal government to summon a round table meeting to look into the 2014 Confab to resolve the issues contained in its and bring peace to nation.

    Ambassador Arthur-Ugwa also used the forum to appeal to the Bayelsa State Government led by Senator Douye Diri to patronise journalists especially the indigenes that have been given their best to promote the image of the state.

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Governor Douye Diri

      He regretted that in spite of the active role journalists played to propagating the good image of the state to the outside world, government has not given them the needed encouragement and support to improve their socio- economic well being and performance.

    “It is good to know that journalists are the only image maker of any state, nation or society. But when you are down or sick nobody is paying attention.

Let the state Government patronise journalists, especially the indigenes that have been given their best to promote the image of the state,” he stated.

    Speaking on his feelings for attaining the Award, Ambassador Arthur-Ugwa said “It is by the grace of God. Let me say humility must be your person. You must not expect any reward for doing any good thing to any person or society. You must make sure you have people at heart.     This award I never expect it because I was doing what God sent me to do. I did what I did because of God’s grace. Without God I cannot get to this place.

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Hon (Chief) Ambassador Chinedu Arthur -Ugwa and his beautiful and amiable wife.


I’m grateful to God because without Him I cannot get to where I am today. I appreciate God. And I will continue to dedicate the Award to God. The Award is given to me by God. And by so doing I will continue to do more. It encourages me. I will always have my relationship with the media: It is an Award to motivate, strengthen and encourage you to do more for your people. You cannot take the glory of God. The glory goes to God alone and I believe God will give me the grace to do more.

I am very grateful to see that I have been conferred with an award because of my good deeds. I never did this for people to see me. I was doing this because of humanity. I am a Rotarian. Rotary means give to the poor; give to the people; make sure you touch people’s lives.

I think, this will show me the way of touching more lives. Award is not a common thing. They want you to do more.

If people are recognising those that are doing good things to the people, others will emulate and do more because an Award is something that motivates human beings to do more of what they have done before.

So, this is an Award that will give me more grace to do more of what I have done before,” stated.

It would be recalled that Ambassador Arthur-Ugwa as a renowned philanthropist and a man of exemplary leadership qualities who attach much importance to the development of humanity and society, has rendered so many selfless services that impacted positively to the socio-economic and political well being of the people.

He is a man well known of his generosity, humility and have the desire to put smile on the faces of the people.

    In fact, it is enthusiastic to note that Ambassodor Arthur -Ugwa has singlehandedly provide social amenities such as water bore hole, electricity and road for the people.

    He pays hospital bills for people and helps the sick and the poor devoid of ethnic sentiments; not minding where you come from. Ambassador Arthur-Ugwa also provided employment opportunities for the youths while many got their educational career through his efforts among others.

    Indeed, he is a man that deserves many Awards to spur him to greater height and continue his selfless service to humanity.


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