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Emulating the sterling leadership qualities of Prince Tenbebelakumo Omotete Amgbare

    It is a truism that the task of administering the affairs of an organization is predestined for those who possess the seven principles of public life.
  Prince Tenbebelakumo Omotete Amgbare, a Chief Accountant in the Bayelsa State Government Treasury and the immediate past Chairman of Selewari Members Welfare Association.

  Prince Tenbebelakumo Omotete Amgbare, a Chief Accountant in the Bayelsa State Government Treasury and the immediate past Chairman of Selewari Members Welfare Association (A renowned Welfare organization for Treasury Staff in Bayelsa State), indeed is a leader of extraordinary qualities and wealth of experience.
   Under his leadership he has left no one in doubt that he is a seasoned administrator of impeccable character.
   A rundown of his antecedent before he became the Chairman of Selewari Members Welfare Association showed that he is an embodiment of the seven principles of public – selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership, and had been involved in selfless service to humanity.
   He came on the saddle as Chairman of the organization where its rudimentary objective was geared towards assisting members during burials.
   But as a trailblazer and man of innovative ideas, he and his team has expanded the scope of the support of its members to include marriage and child dedication ceremonies as well as supporting and conferring meritorious awards for Treasury staff on retirement, organizing thanksgiving and human capacity building programmes among others for members.
  Prince Amgbare applied his leadership acumen to attain unprecedented achievements for the organization, knowing it well that leadership is all about maintaining focus and creating positive outcomes.
   In his leadership, Prince Amgbare carried all the Executive of the association and the entire treasury staff along devoid of discrimination.
   He always find out what others think of his leadership to help the organization to grow and change to better  because he knows that a good leader must consult and must be a good listener.
   The unprecedented achievements he had recorded in his tenure was attributed to his foreknowledge as he does not make himself an expert on everything but he also seek the opinions of others in his dealings as regards matters concerning the association. He steer the affairs of the organization in the general interest of members.
   Prince Amgbare as an intelligent leader of repute, knowing it well that negativity breeds negativity, always communicate with constructiveness devoid of emotional attachment.
   It is enthusiastic to note that his exceptional leadership qualities and his high level of performance broke the record of the organization.
   The constitution of the union permits every member to stay in office for one singe tenure. But owing to his enviable, dynamic and pragmatic leadership, a vote of confidence was passed on Prince Amgbare to serve the association for second tenure.
  In fact, the members of the association want him to continue to lead the association due to the way and manner he administered its affair for the corporate interest of members.
Some of the legacies, Prince Amgbare led Executive left behind to mention a few include: acquisition of 18 seater bush for the association, purchase of 40 pieces of conference chair, set of projector, mobile mega public address system as well as establishment of a saving scheme (Selewari Co-operative) for members.
   Others include: reviving the Treasury Family Welfare to a commendable level, regularly organized end of year Retirees Award Ceremony which many of its retired staff have been conferred with meritorious award with plagues in recognition of their selfless service to humanity.
   Also, his administration has established a legacy that would bridge the gap between the old and new generation of treasury staff.
   Apart from these, he had set up easy communication system (WhatsApp platform and bulk messages) to reach out to all members and a monthly support of N20, 000 for the cooperative wages.
   In his valedictory speech, Prince Amgbare dedicated his achievements to the Bayelsa State Accountant General, Mr Daniel Eniekezimene, the Director of Treasury, Mr. Tokoni Ifidi, the Director of Administration, Mr Germany Pinaowei Ebikebina, Mrs Ama Clinton and Mr Oyakiagbigha the founding fathers of the association, his predecessor Mr Bestman Azebi and Tonye Apiri and other senior directors for the unflinching support and cooporation which create the enabling environment for the organization to attain the present feat.
   Prince Amgbare who extolled the exemplary leadership qualities of his successor, Mr Justin Bennier Egemuze his successor, expressed optimism that he would use his wealth of experience to move the organization forward.

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