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Ikebiri community charged to resolve differences by constitutional means –Rev Kyaramo

 By Inegbagha Majesty

The people of Ikebiri community in Southern Ijaw local government area of Bayelsa state have been told to use constitutional means in resolving differences in order to promote peaceful co-existence and accelerate the pace of development in the kingdom.

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Reverend Timiebi Kyaramo, General Overseer of Kingdom Grace Mission

 The General Overseer of Kingdom Grace Mission, Reverend Timiebi Kyaramo made the appeal while exchanging view with Global Overseer on Thursday in Yenagoa.

Reverend Kyaramo who is also the Chairman of Ikebiri Development Foundation said the appeal has become necessary noting that peace is the pre-requisite for development.

He expressed happiness that the people have adhere to using constitutional means in finding lasting solutions to their problems devoid of fighting and forming factions to jeopardize the peace of the community as was practiced before.

The man of God also advised the leadership of the respective communities to see themselves as servant to the people but not as lords, stressing the need to hold on to the constitution of the community in discharging their responsibilities to improve the well being of the people.

 “When you are made a leader, leaders are people elected by people. So, you are not a lord but a servant. And as a servant you must not do what is against the peaceful co-existence of a people. If there is a protest, go back to the drawing board. Go back to the constitution and do as the constitution requires. If the constitution requires you to give account, give them account. The leadership should go to the constitution and allow things be done constitutionally,” he advised.

Speaking on the background and the significant of Ikebiri Development Foundation, Reverend kyaramo said the body was set up to promote peaceful co-existence and holistic development of the kingdom which comprises Ikebiri 1, 2 and 3 to uplift the living condition of the people.

According to him the foundation was establish to work with the existing leadership of the communities with regards and respect to the constitution they have already which bind on the leadership, stressing the need for justice and fairness.

He added that the foundation is to help liaise between the government, companies and the community thus helping them to contribute towards the development of the clan.

“Ikebiri Development Foundation is out to ensure that the communities are united and the leadership is sustained. We are not looking for crisis. We are not intending to see any crisis. And if there are elements in the community who want to foment crisis, be it in the leadership; be it among the people, we will frown at it. We want peace. The constitution should be our reference point. When we follow the constitution we are going to ensure peace,” he affirmed.



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